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Tips to reduce stress during college final exams

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The fall semester is winding down at most colleges, but the end of the year for a lot of students mean late night study sessions and cramming for final exams. 

 It's around this time of year where students tend to neglect their mental and physical health when studying for final exams. 

"One thing I ask students to do is look at their schedule. Look at how their structuring their time because so often what we end up doing is trying to cram and do so many thing out of habit maybe," said Rocky Mountain College Counselor Cynthia Hutchinson. "In doing that a person gets scattered, and then their attention is stretched out too thin."

According to information provided by Cynthia Hutchinson, anxiety was a top concern among college students.

"So there's a fight, flight freeze and that's natural in regards to anxiety and that's one of the things that come up for people is there more anxious and that threshold is being triggered," Hutchinson adds.

She also wants to remind students to eat healthy, get adequate sleep and find some time to relax. 

"So many times in the last few weeks I have been talking to people about easy ways to relive your stress. I always like talking to them about breathing and how you breathe in on the count of four and breathe out on the count," Hutchinson said. "If you can do that twice a day for even two minutes, you're still doing a whole lot more than what you were doing."

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