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UM responds to faculty complaints about Hauck hiring

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MISSOULA- Bobby Hauck’s status as an incoming coach is unchanged, but University of Montana officials say they’re working to protect a woman who was harassed after complaining about his hiring.

At a UM Faculty Senate meeting, several people asked what the administration was doing to protect Lisa Davey. Davey received threatening comments and had her personal address published online after she started a petition to protest Bobby Hauck’s hiring.

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program Director Elizabeth Hubble said her children attend the same school as Davey’s, and she’s concerned for the woman’s safety. She also said that additional faculty members have signed the letter in protest of Hauck, bringing the total number of protesters to more than 30.

UM, Athletics Director Kent Haslam responded to Hubble’s concerns, saying that the athletics department has new procedures in place for protecting student safety and preventing sexual assault.

“The UM athletics department is a different department than it was eight years ago,” Haslam said.

UM’s legal counsel, Lucy France, said that UM and the police were meeting to discuss how to protect Davey’s safety. Haslam said they’ve learned that the man who threatened Davey, Griz fan Mike Schlosser, does not have season tickets or a tailgate pass at UM.

Bottom line is Bobby Hauck is still going to be Montana's head football coach.

However, UM said it's committed to ensuring campus and student safety, especially for one student who's being harassed after starting a petition against Hauck's hire.

What started as a letter with concerns about hiring Hauck quickly turned into a conversation about student safety and one student in particular.

Last week, UM grad student Lisa Davey started a petition on against Hauck's hire.

While Hauck was ultimately hired a few days later, Davey received threats online for her petition.

Her personal information, including her address, was made public in one online forum, concerning faculty members.

“In other words, having their personal information made public online. In no way, no one should be facing physical threats. I'm just very concerned that this institution is not doing enough to keep her safe,” said Tammy Ravas, a Mansfield Library staffer.

A member of UM's legal counsel, Lucy France, said the school is aware of the threats made against Davey.

She said the university police department contacted the person reportedly making the threats and told him to stop immediately.

France said while there's still work to do, UM is taking steps to ensure all students are safe.

“Find out what's going on and what other steps we can take to protect our students and our community,” said Lucy France, UM Legal Team.

UM Athletic Director, Kent Haslam was also at today's meeting.

He said he has concerns for student safety as well and agrees these cyber threats are uncalled for.

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