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How to be environmentally friendly during holiday shopping

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During the holidays Americans throw away 25 percent more trash using all the things we love to make the holiday special such as wrapping paper, and ribbon. Even the holiday Christmas cards we send it out can play a role in those numbers. Over the next few weeks there are a few simple things that can be done to cut down nearly 25 million tons of waste. 

You can start with holiday bags. When giving gifts we often worry about the presentation and put them in decorative bags. By simply opting for a paper bag or even recycling decorative bags from year to year you can reduce waste. 

Next on the list is shipping. When sending out gifts most people pack them with packing peanuts. Instead opt for old magazine or newspaper, but if you do opt or packing peanuts make sure you’re re-using them from year to year…

Third is wrapping paper. We all love our gifts to be wrapped in shiny decorative paper, but when portions of it go unused it almost always tends to thrown away. To reduce waste here simply make sure you are reusing the extra and recycling what you can’t use. 

Fourth is electronic waste. It contributes to nearly 40 million tons of waste alone. When gifting or giving new devices we often just toss our old ones. To reduce this simply go to your local service provider or research recycling options in your area. 

The last and easiest is related to holiday beverages. When ordering those warm latte’s and cocoa’s it's easy to let those paper drink sleeve's and plastic cups get thrown away, but make sure your reducing exposure of liquid to the outside of the cup and placing them in a recycle bin. 

If we all took part in just one of these tips we could all reduce emissions and ultimately impact global warming. Pacific Recycling manager Nathan Mikkola said “The three r’s reduce reuse recycle it would drastically reduce the amount going into the landfills as well as the emissions.”

To find out where your nearest recycling center is located you can go to Planet Ark. 

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