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Last funding push of 2017 for Glacier National Park

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After a brutal fire season which included the loss of the historic Sperry Chalet, Glacier National Park Conservancy is in its final push for fundraising in 2017.     

2017 was a record setting year for Glacier National Park.    

In July alone the park saw more than a million visitors come through its gates for the first time ever.     

"In perspective, no park in the West, not Yosemite, not Yellowstone, not Grand Canyon has ever had a million visitors in a month. Yet Glacier did,” said Doug Mitchell, Glacier National Park Conservancy.

Those visitors showed up even in the midst of a wildfire season.

Those wild fires destroyed the historic Sperry Chalet Dormitory in August.

It was up to Glacier National Park Conservancy's Executive Director, Doug Mitchell, to help fund an action plan to save what was left.

While money for that project came in quickly the park still has other needs.

Especially, if seeing more than a million visitors a month becomes a regular occurrence each summer.

"The big issue when you have a million visitors huge impact to the invent  structure of the park. That roads, trails native plants all of those kinds of projects are ones that the park looks to us to help fund,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said that's why it's important to raise money now to support the park in 2018.

This year he thinks it will take more than $2 million. 

"Raising two million dollars is no small task. And I'm pretty good at my job. But it really depends on the generosity of Montanans without them, without you, we don't have the ability pass that money through the park."

That money will cover everything from educational and internship programs, to sustainability projects and even expanding the park's popular bark-ranger program.

It's all in the name of ensuring millions of visitors have a positive experience in the park for years to come.

For more information about donating go to the park go to

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