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HRDC aids in youth job training

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 "It's a change for the better."

That's what Avril Schneider is saying after her son enrolled in the youth employment training program at the HDRC.

Her son Jeffrey was enrolled in an individualized education program in school.

Schneider said after graduation, Jeffrey felt like he didn't earn a whole diploma and wanted something more. 

She said the program helped him with his education and helped him find his passion at work.
As well as raise his test scores in math and reading.

"He was very very proud of himself and i guess there was just a confidence in him that I've seen that i don't even think he felt when he graduated," Schneider adds. "They were great. He never had one bad word to say about anybody here. He loved everybody."

Schneider said that her son accomplished everything he wanted to at the HRDC and she says the program is more than just about finding a job, but it's also about finding confidence in yourself.

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