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Doctors call depression treatment "breakthrough"

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The unique and effective katemine treatment at Montana Psychiatry is the only one of its kind in the state, according to psychiatrist, Dr. Erin Amato.

Ketamine patient, Mackenzie Martin, says she's seen the IV infusion make a difference in her life in several ways.

She says she felt like she didn't have many options.  With the Ketamine treatments now, she says she feels like she has her life back.

"I think the difference has been first in my functioning and motivation and really quite honestly my will to live and my excitement to do things", Martin said.

Billings Psychiatrist, Dr. Amato says the results from Ketamine have been rapid, dramatic and significant. 

She says the Ketamine IV infusion is mostly prescribed for depression patients, but in some cases can also be used for those dealing with PTSD, OCD or anxiety.

Correction from video:

Dr. Amato says patients are awake during the infusion but must have a ride home with someone else and are given directions not to drive for the rest of the day.