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Trial begins for man accused of beating and burning a woman to death

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It's the first day of Di-Marzio Sanchez's murder trial. Sanchez is charged with first degree murder in the death of Roylynn Rideshorse.  

Rideshorse died after being beaten and burned in Crow Agency in April of 2016. Two others charged in this case, Frank Sanchez and Angela Whiteman, pled guilty to aiding and abetting earlier this year.

KULR-8's Briana Monte has been at the federal courthouse following the proceedings.

It's been an intense day in the courtroom Tuesday. It began with jury selection and a total of 13 jurors were selected for the trial of Di-Marzio Sanchez. Di-Marzio Sanchez is being tried for first degree murder and for aiding and abetting in the murder of Roylynn Rideshorse.

The plaintiffs opening statement began with how a farmer happened to find rides horse on the side of a dirt road. The plaintiff described how she was found naked, alone, and severely burned. This was the moment when the members of Roylynn Rideshorse's family began to audibly cry and moan. One woman was so devastated, she had to be taken out of the courtroom by another family member.

The defendants opening statement said Sanchez did not have the intent to murder and that there are two sides to every story. Sanchez showed no emotion.

Trial is still going on in the courtroom and may run into as far as Wednesday.

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