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City council selects Greg Doyon as new Billings city administrator

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After much anticipation following city administrator interviews, city council selected candidate Greg Doyon.

He currently serves as the city manager for Great Falls.

Originally from Windham, Maine, he has a masters degree in public administration.

He currently serves on the executive board of the Montana Defense Alliance and has over 17 years of experience as a city administrator.

"The consensus among council and staff was that Greg was the front runner coming out of interviews yesterday and unanimously we appointed him city manager." said city council member Ryan Sullivan.

We spoke with Greg Doyon following Thursday's round of interviews with city council members.

"I enjoyed the two tours I received," said Greg Doyon. "One was a city employee, one was through the chamber and I had an opportunity to visit with the council at lunch and do this interview. It's been a lot of fun."

"You know we really had four solid qualified candidates," Doyon adds. "I would say Greg really gave great answers and had great experience from his time in Great Falls."

Following Greg Doyon's selection for the position, city council member Ryan Sullivan said there is still much to do which includes a contract negotiation and a start date.

Stay with us as we'll be sure to update with you the latest information.

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