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As winter approaches many are cleaning up property damage from fire season - Here's what you need to know:

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Millions of acres has been burned from this year’s fire season and cleanup is still underway throughout the state. With winter right around the corner this debris could be harmful during harsh winter storm conditions. This is what you need to know about cleanup and how you can do to decrease your risks.

The U.S. Forrest Service is continuing cleanup is continuing on federal property but time is running out. As winter is approaching the risk of avalanches pose as a hazard to many areas.

Here’s the actions you need to take now to keep your property safe:

First you can carry out a land risk assessment. Doing this will allow you to see how much needs to be cleaned on your property and if you can’t clean all of it you can get the priority zones. If there’s water present you want to direct it away from any structures.

Second, If you don’t have the resources to do your own cleanup you can utilize the Montana Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Montana Department of Natural Resources or even the Montana Community Foundation.

For anyone who needs additional information the latter is holding a statewide informational event titled “Wildfire Recovery Workshop” in Helena later this week.

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