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Black Friday Sales Begin

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With the Thanksgiving holiday comes Black Friday shopping across the U.S. Earlier today, hundreds were waiting for certain stores to open their doors for early Black Friday sales.

KULR-8 showed up to the Best Buy in Billings to see what all the fuss was about and noticed the line was wrapped around the building. The first two men in line said they had been there since 7:00 a.m. They were there for a TV deal that would save them hundreds of dollars. "I mean, if you don't have anything going on, might as well save some money," stated Tanner Lund.

KULR-8 also spoke to a few people who drove in town to buy a TV because their hometown didn't have the deal they were looking for. Cole Porter, from Sheridan, said, "I just look at it as all the time you're sitting out here, you're getting paid by the hour versus how much you're saving. So we're saving like $400. So if I sit out here for 10 hours, that's still getting paid 40 dollars an hour to sit and play board games. So it's worth it to me."

The manager at Best Buy told KULR-8 that at least 1,000 people walked through their doors within the first 45 minutes of being open.

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