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City council proposes ban to end sexual activity at massage parlors

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 City council is drafting an ordinance to ban sexual activity at massage businesses.

This upcoming proposal follows this week's work session. City council members said the the ordinance would help protect legitimate businesses and their customers within city limits.

"We are looking from a local level to hit it from the ground up, so essentially saying in proposing such things as you have to do business at the front door." said city council member Ryan Sullivan. "You can't be open 24 hours a day, you have to have a clear window. you can't have people sleeping on site, because those things will happen."

"We want to be respectful about this. However, we know through the FBI that there are those illegitimate situations or establishments and what happens is that it impacts those who are legitimate." adds city council member Mike Yakawich. "Those who went to school, those who are professionals and it not only impacts their name or their reputation; but we find that though there is a residual effect of customers coming to them who are familiar with the unprofessional or illegitimate places impacting them and their profession."

Aside from city staff, Mike Yakawich and Ryan Sullivan are working with a local FBI agent, the Yellowstone human trafficking task force, and Mossmain college of massage on how to properly address these issues.

Mike Yakawich says the students at Mossmain college of massage have already taken steps to ensure safety practices like taking ethics classics on how to properly address their clients.

Ryan Sullivan says they will formally address this proposal at their next meeting and if it is approved they will move forward with the ordinance. Both Yakawich and Sullivan tell me they want to be proactive in taking action before any serious problems occur.