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Three generations of giving

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The international non-profit, "Samaritan's Purse" has been giving children in poverty around the world shoe boxes filled with gifts for the holiday season.

One family in Columbus, MT is in their third generation of giving.

The Thompson and Schultz families say one little box can make a big difference for a child's life and a family's life. 

Ronni Thompson heard about the program from evangelist, Billy Graham, when it started in 1993, she thought this would be a good way to help children who have little and to share her faith.

"I just thought, what a way to give a child a chance to learn to know about god.  You give them a gift, it's the only gift they've had, so when you give them a gift it really means something, and then when you explain that God gave his son as a gift to us, they can really connect with it, because they haven't had all these packages and gifts all their lives," Ronni Thompson said.

The tradition was passed to Ronnie's children and said then on to their children.

Ronni says the rewarding program taught her children to not be selfish.

"When you see the pictures of kids opening their boxes and the absolute joy that just this little gift can give to those kids and the hope they get from it when there is some pretty tough circumstances, Marsha Schultz, said.  That's what Christmas is all about."

The family says they stuff as many school supplies, toiletries, clothes and gospel packages as they can into each shoe box.

To find out how to help a child around the world you can go to: