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Forsyth Community Rallies Around Football Team's Championship Game

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"To have some positive to roll through here, couldn't be prouder of our kids, and timing-wise we needed something like this, and these kids have provided that for our community," said Forsyth head coach Shawn Hollowell.

Two years ago the economy of Forsyth took a large hit, as local rail yard jobs moved away from Rosebud County. Things have been a bit tougher for the town of a little less than 1900 people since then, but now the focus has shifted to the local football team, who is preparing for it's first state championship game in school history.

"There's people that I've never even talked to that are coming up telling me good luck and everything, and it's just great," said Dogies senior quarterback Caleb Knoche. "The town is supporting us, and once you put that jersey on it's time to go, time to put four quarters together."

"I've had people apologize for not paying more attention to us in years before, and it's just been a great thing for our community, really bringing us together," said Dogies senior center Lex Heberle.

It's amazing what an unbeaten season can do for a community. But for these seniors, this isn't their first experience with an unbeaten season.

"Eighth grade year we went undefeated, and it was always our dream just playing together, playing as a family, and we wanted to make it all the way one year. So this year to have the chance to do that, it just gives me goose bumps."

The Dogies know what's at stake this Saturday, but as the Forsyth community rallies around them, they hope to rally the community's youth to keep their tradition alive.

"I think it'll mean a lot, especially for the younger kids growing up," said Dogies senior wide receiver Paul Johnstone. "I'm hoping that they see us, if we could bring home a state championship, and they'd be excited to get other kids in the weight room, and continue that legacy."

The move to 8-man football has invigorated the Forsyth community. Now it's up to them to keep their perfect season rolling