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Great American Smokeout happening today

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Smoking can cause a variety of diseases and cancers you may not have even thought of like bladder cancer. 

Smokers who want to quit can get support through the"Great American Smokeout" happening throughout the country. 

Wake Up Montana's David Kaplan went to Billings Clinic to find out ways to get off the cigarettes that smokers may have not thought of before.

Clinic reps say smokers can remember "start" to help them "stop." 

The clinic's Psychosocial Coordinator Jennifer Finn says the acronym S-T-A-R-T stands for "setting a quit date", "tell family or friends your plan", "anticipate challenges you may face", "remove all tobacco products from home" and "tell your provider."

She says any substitute containing nicotine, like vaping, is still not good for you.

"Really the best advice that I would give someone is to talk to your provider about maybe using a medication that doesn't have nicotine," she said.  "For example using a medication like wellbutrin, also known as upropion is something can actually turn off those cravings in your brain."

Finn says smokers needs to break old habits.  If you smoke on a particular route every day to work, drive to work a different way. Or  if you smoke during breakfast in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, drink tea instead on the porch.

Today's "Great American Smokeout" is at the Cancer Center at Billings Clinic from 11 am to 1 pm, where smokers can get information about quitting smoking, CT scanning and support.

Smokers that come will receive fidget spinners, one of Billings Clinic's suggestions for dealing with stress.