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Laurel school bonds fail

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Voters in Laurel were asked to consider two separate mill levies earmarked for the Laurel Public School.

One supports an elementary school bond and the other a high school bond.

These bonds come after missing their middle school accreditation two years in a row due to the student-teacher ratio.

Laurel Public schools are working to add more space and teachers to help their overcrowding problem. The high school bond would allow them to add more space for their growing population.

The high school bond would allow Laurel Public Schools to remodel the current high school, adding space and adding a new auxiliary gym. For taxpayers, this would add an additional $35.98 on a $100,000 home.

The elementary school bond would allow Laurel to build a new elementary school for grades 3-5 and change West Elementary to a K through 2 school. West would also get the addition of a gym along with remodeling.  This would allow for more room in the middle school and better student-teacher ratios. The elementary bond would cost taxpayers $89.34 on a $100,000 home.

Both the high school and elementary school bonds will be voted on allowing one to pass without the other.

The bonds were brought about due to a population and enrollment growth that wasn't expected until 2022.

 Laurel Public Schools Superintendent, Linda Filpula, says the system would be placed in a deficient category if the middle school misses its accreditation for a 3rd year. That would mean the state would get involved resulting in cuts to extracurricular programs that students enjoy.

We asked KULR-8 Facebook viewer's what they thought about the Laurel School Bonds.

Samantha Mayes said she thinks you should pay for other kids because someone paid for you.

Peggy Arnold said she voted yes because she feels children are our future.

Heather Gullett, however, said she doesn't trust that the money will go towards improving Laurel's schools.

Rhea Andrews said the taxes were starting to add up and were just too much for her.

The final vote will be counted at 8 pm.


Laurel Elementary School Bond:

Yes- 1,448 43%

No- 1,944 57%

Laurel High School Bond:

Yes- 1,363 42%

No- 1,911 58% 

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