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Super 8 Plays of the Week 11/6

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Number 8: Jefferson's Emily McGinnis gets the hard kill versus Huntley Project at the Southern B Divisionals.

Number 7: MSU Billings' Zach Rollins double clutches the dunk versus Rocky Mountain.

Number 6: Hamilton's Tucker Jones and Tyler Chouinard snag tough interceptions versus Glendive.

Number 5: Frenchtown's Tyler Hoppie airs it out to Adam Botkin, who makes the catch over the Billings Central defender's head.

Number 4: Bridger's Nick Althoff hands the ball off on the sweep to Colter Zentner, who sends it deep to Russell Zentner for the touchdown versus Big Sandy.

Number 3: Senior's Nolan Askelson tosses it to Gabe Sulser outside, who throws it back to Askelson, who takes it 25 yards down the sideline for a touchdown versus Bozeman.

Number 2: Helena's Dylan Simpson makes a juggling catch, that during the game was called incomplete, but looks to actually be a catch for the Bengal versus West.

Number 1: Bridger's Colter Zentner is nearly taken down, before he flips the ball over his head to Nick Althoff, who takes it back for a Scouts touchdown versus Big Sandy.