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TV traffic anchor takes stand after body shaming

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DALLAS, Texas -

A Dallas traffic anchor is gaining national attention after taking a stand against body shaming.

In a now-viral tweet, WFAA's Demetria Obilor responded to a Facebook post from a woman slamming her for her looks and her clothing choices on air.

Wednesday morning, that woman posted a photo of Obilor wearing a red dress, criticizing her size and the way she looked in her dress. The post has since been taken down.

But it sparked outrage on social media, especially after Obilor found a screenshot of the post in a tweet defending her and responded Friday.


She says after four years in TV, she's learned to be confident. But this isn't the first time shes been attacked for her looks. In fact, Obilor has received backlash for her natural hair before. 

Since Obilor posted her video response, celebrities like Chance the Rapper and Meghan McCain have come to her defense. 

Obilor isn't alone. Women in TV have received criticism for their natural hair or bodies before. But she says she wants people to realize we live in a time when people with different styles and body types are on our television screens.