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Big Bear standoff time-line

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It was just before 4 am when police dispatch started moving officers to Big Bear. AMR was placed on stand by as reports of shots fired continued while most of us were asleep.

As the sun came up and snow came down police positioned themselves around the building and tried to make contact.

"We're trying to make contact and at this point we don't even have a visual contact," Capt. Kevin Iffland said. "But we do have shots coming from inside the building out."

As the city awoke and people attempted to come into work they were turned away. Businesses forced to stay closed.

As the morning pressed on police deployed flashbangs attempting to keep the situation contained.

"We've tried to block any shots coming out of the building by positioning our bear vehicle there," Iffland said.

Gunfire continued to be exchanged. Eventually, police sent in a drone and multiple officers breached the store bringing the terrifying ordeal to an end.

"We had volley's of gunfire and I can't confirm that I believe that it was in an exchange of gunfire that is a possibility," Chief Rich St. John said. "It could have been suicide. I don't know that's something that the investigation is going to determine."

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