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MSUB opens student armory

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"I do feel safer"

Montana is a state with lots of guns. Whether it's for hunting, target practice, or safety, guns are prevalent in Montana culture.

Because many students own guns but may not have a safe place to keep them, Montana State University Billings has opened up a student armory.

"We want to do everything we can to ensure students feel safe on campus," student senate member Halle Keltner said. "Providing a place for people to have their weapons seemed like a pretty solid solution." 

Dr. Joe Oravecz, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs said a big factor in the decision to open the armory, is student mental health.

"Suicide, more often than not, is through an impulse," Oravecz said. "So means of restrictions is that if we are able to restrict the means to access, we will be able to help the individual when it comes to mental health."

And the armory isn't just for students living on campus...

"We've had some off campus students articulate to me saying 'I don't want to keep my weapon in my apartment. If I have friends over or I have a house party, I don't know where people are going. I'd rather come on campus, know where it's stored and it's safe, and I have access to it whenever I want to have access,'" Oravecz said.

For more information on the MSUB student armory, click here

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