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Teacher makes candy buy back a learning experience

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Brewer Dental had their fourth annual candy buy back earlier today located on 29th and Central Avenue. Kids and parents stopped by Brewer Dental today to participate in the candy buy back. Children were able to trade candy for cash and it was all for a good cause.

The candy is being shipped in care packages for military men and women. Every pound of candy is equivalent to one toothbrush for operation gratitude.
One woman had huge bags of candy to donate when she first walked in. Kristin Richert is a 7th grade geography teacher from Ben Steele middle school. She said the children in her classroom combined 56 pounds of candy to donate. Richert said the school has a new class this year called advisory, which encourages kids to make a difference.

She offered extra credit if the students brought candy for Brewer Dental and the candy came flooding in.

"I can stand up there and teach all the time about seeing beyond yourself and how to make a difference, but until they actually start doing it themselves, the connection's just not made so they're getting first-hand experience on how to impact their world for the better," Richert said.

Richert said the class will be using the money towards Operation Christmas Child to buy gifts for children around the world.

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