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Island puppies looking for a forever home

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Last month, KULR 8 told you about a Billings man who traveled to Texas to help animals after Hurricane Harvey. We've been following up with him and now he's looking for help in Billings.

After Dave Pauli with the Humane Society of the United States helped out in Texas following Hurricane Harvey, he was soon deployed to Puerto Rico to help animals affected by Hurricane Maria.

Pauli said he worked with seven different veterinarians, trying to help as many animals as he could. He said five puppies were born the day after Hurricane Maria and he helped them. He ended up taking those puppies with him back to the United States.

Now, Pauli is looking for people looking to adopt in the Billings area. He explained why he had to take them off the island.

"It's really a benefit to these individual dogs," Pauli said. "I mean, their owner's home was destroyed in Irma. The owners had to leave the island so the puppies were technically abandoned. Mama was technically abandoned. These pups were born the day after Maria and so these are island hurricane dogs and they would've grown up as feral dogs and it's a tough life on an island to be a feral dog and try to make a living."
Pauli said the puppies will be adopted out of the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. He said it will take another 10 to 14 days before they can officially be adopted.

There are 2 females and 3 male puppies up for adoption. When asked what kind of breed they are, Pauli said they are Satos - meaning 'island dog'. To get in touch with someone regarding adoption for these pups, contact (406)294-7387.

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