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5 apps to help keep your trick-or-treaters safe

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We've compiled a list of apps to help you track your child on Halloween. Note: It's not recommended that kids under 12 trick-or-treat without an adult.

1. Family Signal 
(Cost: Free for the basic version, $4.99/month or $49.99/year for the Pro version Available for iOS)
The map lets you see where your child is and there's a panic button that will alert you and authorities if your child needs help. There's also a "touch base" button to easily communicate with your child

2. Life360 
(Cost: Free Available for iOS, Android)
This app has a private map feature to track your kids on the go and emergency signaling just in case. You can also create “favorite” spots with Life360, and anytime your children arrive at that location you’ll get an automatic update - perfect for a pre-determined Halloween route.

3. Glympse 
(Cost: Free Available for iOS, Windows, Android)
Glympse allows your child to share their location in real-time, giving you "a glympse" of where they are. To use Glympse on Halloween night is to decide on a duration of time that your children will be out, set the app to that time period and have your child select you as a recipient. You can track their whereabouts throughout the night without having to request check-ins. With Glympse, your child can send their location via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.

4. Footprints
(Cost: Free for the first 30 days, 3.99 for a 1-Year Subscription. Available for iOS) 
The app tracks your child's location at all times. You can set up a predetermined route and will be notified any time one of the "fences" are crossed.

5. Family Tracker 
(Cost: Free for the Lite version, $5.99 for the HD version Available for iOS, Android) 
Uses push notifications to alert phones being tracked, so make sure those are turned on in the phone's settings. Allows you to ping the phones you are tracking or you can use the real-time map to see if your child is moving along the pre-determined route.

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