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Meet Queen Beezy: 10-year-old CrossFit prodigy makes name for herself in gyms and online

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Ahead of the Montana State Weightlifting Championships happening this weekend, a Montana CrossFit prodigy is making a name for herself not just in local gyms, but online too.  

Brooklynn Sittner can dead lift almost twice her body weight and handstand walk like a champ - and she's only 10 years old.

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Her Instagram account Queen_Beezy13 has racked up almost 30,000 followers in just a few short years. Her dad, Cory Sittner, runs the account, posting videos and photos daily of the work they're putting in at Yellowstone CrossFit. 

"The best part, a lot of people probably see her on social media and think I'm pushing her, but I'm not," said Sittner. "I'm just driving the vehicle."

Her social media presence has made quite an impact, not just locally, but nationally, too, after a video of Brooklyn's muscle up went viral.

"There's a lot of little girls that follow her on Instagram," said Trevor Craig with Yellowstone CrossFit. "They'll comment and stuff afterwards on how inspiring she is. She inspires them to get out and move."

Brooklynn started weight training and CrossFit just two years ago after switching over from gymnastics. She's home-schooled now, and she spends almost eight hours a day at the gym so she can focus on her dream of competing in the CrossFit Games when she's 14.

One day, she wants to compete at the Olympics.

"It's little stepping stones, because if you have a big huge river you can't step over it all at once," said Brooklynn.

Cory says some people have questioned why Brooklynn who dedicate so much to time to a sport when she's so young, but he says it's all her.

"She wouldn't train the way she trains if it was me," he said. "It's in her heart. You can't teach that, you can't coach that."

Brooklynn says it's fun to be recognized at national events and meet some of her own heroes on Instagram, but she doesn't do CrossFit for the followers or the attention.

"I'm doing it because it's what I love to do, and it's going to impress me. I'm doing it for myself, to be better, to be a better person, better daughter overall," she said.

Comments on her account come from adults across the country who say Brooklynn inspires them to get to the gym.

"It inspires me to work harder everyday. I'm only 10, and when they say 'I want to be like you,' I'm like, I still need to grow up!"