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Would you spend the night at a real-life haunted house?

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'Tis the season to get spooked. And what better way to voluntarily scare yourself than visit a haunted house?

But not just any haunted house with fake zombies and ghouls. 

Try real homes with a lot of history and some paranormal activity. The extra brave cam even spend the night at some of them. 

1. Market Square Tavern, Williamsburg, VA

Market Square Tavern is said to have belonged to Thomas Jefferson. Now, you can stay overnight, if you dare. Some guests claim they've seen his ghost, and someone even says they heard "Goodnight, Tom."

2. LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans, LA

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Located, in the French Quarter, the LaLaurie Mansion belonged to socialite Madame LaLaurie in the 1800s. Legend says after a fire broke out, people discovered a torture chamber inside, and an angry mob chased Madame LaLaurie out of the city. It's privately owned now, but you can try to spot paranormal activity from the street. 

3. Amityville Horror House, Long Island, NY

It's the home and events that inspired the "Amityville Horror" movie. The site of a tragic mass murder in the 70s, the home now boasts peaceful water views and lots of bedrooms. It sold for almost $1 million last year.

4. Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, MA

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You may recall the infamous story of Lizzie Borden, accused of killing her parents but later acquitted. The home is now a bed and breakfast, and you can even stay in the room where Abby Borden was murdered. Guests say lights randomly go off and sometimes furniture switches places. 

5. The Wythe House, Williamsburg, VA

The Wythe House belonged to Thomas Jefferson's law professor George Wythe, also a signer of the Declaration of Independence. People say there is a ghost who roams the property, and some have even fainted after seeing her.