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String of violent crimes occur in Billings in the past two weeks

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"It's not really common but for the last couple of weeks we've had an uptick of violent crimes." said Yellowstone County Lieutenant Neil Lawrence.

Those violent crimes include several shootings and stabbings in Billings city limits. Within the span of two weeks, police have responded to two reports of stabbings and three shootings. 

The first stabbing incident occurred on October 21, 2017  on Avenue B. The second report was filed Thursday morning on the 4300 block of Stone street.

One shooting incident was reported at the Lazy K-T motel on October 18th,  that incident escalated once officers arrived on scene and ended with officers shooting the suspect.

A second shooting was reported October 23, 2017 on the 900 block of North 19th street.

The latest incident occurred at Lee's Saloon on October 24th, 2017.

According to police, many of the suspects and victims are hesitant to come forward leaving many questions unanswered. 

"We do run into that a lot where suspects sometimes don't want to cooperate and victims don't want to cooperate." Lieutenant Lawrence adds.

 When it comes to protecting your home and your property Lieutenant Lawrence said that in any emergency to call 9-1-1. 

"Just be aware and be cautious and if something like that does happen," he said, "just notify the police right away."

Lieutenant Lawrence said that he does not believe these crimes are in conjuction with one another and if they are it is something

they will investigate.