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South Frontage barn fire caused by electrical wiring

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The Billings police and fire department continue their investigation into a barn fire that occurred last night just off of South Frontage road. The fire consumed a barn and spread towards a canal.

Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder said that this investigation is still ongoing. He said there are currently no other fatalities other than the two horses that perished. He said he is unsure if those horses were in the barn when the fire occurred or if they were just close to the barn. He said according to investigators this fire was accidental and may have caused by some electrical wiring that sparked.

"Well that's what it's appearing to be right now is an electrical malfunction. Investigators found wires that had arced and the indication is that the wire either pulled loose from the insulator," Linder adds. "I don't have all the particulars right now but I did hear back from one our detectives that was on scene and that's what they're thinking that caused it. Now there were live wires in the area and evidence of sparking so that's what they're looking at."

This is a developing story and as more information becomes available, we will update you online and on air.