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October is National Women's Small Business Month!

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Over 11 million women nationwide own their own businesses, but navigating small business ownership can be challenging.

We spoke with a Montana-born businesswoman who's blazed her own path, and she passed along advice for other female entrepreneurs during National Women's Small Business Month.

Darla Card is the CEO of Valley Federal Credit Union who honed her leadership skills serving in the Army National Guard. At a time when many women didn't join the military, she was the only woman in a troop of 180 in Billings.

Card says early on, she learned the importance of never giving up.

"Failures, you have to look at them as an opportunity, if you do fail at something or somebody tells you no, then that ball's basically back in your court," Card said. "What are you going to do, to fix that, to make sure the next time you apply for that position or ask for something like that, the answers going to be yes instead of no?"

And Card's advice for young women just starting out in their careers or taking on leadership roles? The three C's.

  • Clarity, to know you're doing the right things
  • Confidence, to move on from mistakes
  • Courage, to make the correct decisions even when they're hard

Card told Wake Up Montana women in leadership roles are essential to businesses, because traits like empathy and good listening skills make them Invaluable employees and bosses.