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Social media post causes statewide outrage

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A Facebook post criticizing Governor Steve Bullock is going viral and it's causing quite a stir. Several people are reporting on social media that the post was enough for them to cancel their cable subscriptions.

This all started with a news tip KULR-8 received in the KULR-8 email account this morning. The tip included a screen grab of a Facebook post made by a local Charter Communications executive and it serves as a reminder to all of us to be careful what we choose to share on social media.

Many of us are guilty of sharing something on social media that may come to regret later. In the case of Danny Smith, the post centered on recent budget cuts ordered by Governor Steve Bullock.

Danny Smith writes: 'Cut the Helena fat and stop playing games Governor. No program is going to make little disabled kids more intelligent. Cut the feel good nonsense and govern.'

In most cases, something like this would cycle through a feed, but in Smith's case, he identified himself as a vice president at Charter Communications at the Billings office. Some people made a screen grab of the remark and began sharing it on Facebook. One post by Rob Adams has been shared more than 1,4000 times. In his post, Adams calls on people to reach out to Charter directly and share their feelings. A number of people in the comments claimed that the remarks upset them so much they either have or plan to cancel their subscriptions.

KULR-8 reached out to Charter directly today to see if they were aware of the post and if people are indeed canceling accounts.

Charter Regional Communications Director Bret Picciolo sent us the following statement. In the statement, he acknowledged that Smith is an employee of Charter, but states "The views expressed are not Charter's. He doesn't speak for the company. We do not comment on personnel matters."

KULR-8's Briana Monte did go by our local Charter office but was unable speak with Smith in person. She also reached out by phone, e-mail and on social media. So far, we've been unable to obtain a comment.

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