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Community reacts to Dornix Park vandalism

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Investigators are working to find out who vandalized Dornix Park in big timber with grafitti and broken windows, among other things Friday night.

Park-goers like mother Shar-A-Lee Widdison says she's lived in big timber her whole life and it's been years since they've had vandalism this bad.

When you walk through Dornix Park you see all the beautiful nature and can hear the calm waters of the boulder river, but violence entered the park Friday night in the form of damaged grafitti-filled doors, shattered windows and other damage.

"I thought it was really sad that people would do something like that, just the utter disrespect that they showed to the community, " Shar-A-lee- Widdison, Big Timber resident said.

Shar-a-lee Widdison takes her children and dog to the park.

"Dornix is different because it's got trails where you can get out of the town without getting out of the town," Widdison said.

This vandalism comes one week after the old sweet grass county high school burned in what investigators call "human caused".  The exact cause and person behind the fire have not yet been determined.

Shar-A-Lee says Big Timber is a small town with trust, but she is definitely going to be more vigilant the next time she takes her kids to the park.

"I definitely hope that with new people coming into the community that they don't break that trust and destroy it," Widdison said.

To find out how you can help the efforts of Dornix Park you can go to the Dornix Park Facebook page.