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Billings woman stresses importance of CPR training after it helped save her family members

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Tracy Moore said life can change in an instant after she almost lost her mother and niece in two separate incidents. She credits her older brother, CPR and the grace of God for their remarkable recovery. 

"My mom was just sitting on the balcony and she just collapsed. They were just visiting and no signs at all, she just dropped. She just kind of

slouched in her chair and just totally went blank, so my little brother ran over and got her down on the ground, on the balcony," Moore said. "He noticed she

wasn't breathing and she had no pulse so he started doing CPR immediately."

Her brother Chase, who is medically trained as a marine performed CPR for about five minutes before medical help arrived on the scene and airlifted Tracy's mother to the hospital.

Doctors described the incident as a miracle, citing sudden cardiac arrest also known as sudden adult syndrome and with no warning signs, Tracy

said the doctor told her it there was an 8 percent survival rate.

"He just said you should very lucky that your little brother was here. He saved her life, she would not be here if he did not perform CPR." she adds.  

However in less than just 48 hours of her mother's stay in the hospital, in another turn of events Tracy's one year old niece suddenly started to choke on a strawberry. Thankfully her other brother reacted fast. He turned the child around and started performing back thrusts.

"So, that had to be hard for my brother and sister in law to watch their little girl go through that," Moore said. "We heard her cry which was the most amazing sound in the world at that moment."

Now Tracy is spreading the word on the importance of learning how to properly perform CPR which can mean the difference in saving someone's life. 

Moore said, "I think a lot of time with CPR you up your survival rates by a ton so after that I was like okay everyone I know take a CPR class now."