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Shoe color creates controversy

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It's the latest shoe color craze that will have you second guessing its color. Is it grey and teal or pink and white?

Optometrist Dr. Joe Steiner says it is both.

He says it all depends several factors like the amount of light coming into your eyes and what type of monitor you're looking at of the picture, like if it's an LCD screen, the hue of the picture and depending on how warm the color is. 

According to Dr. Steiner, he says there are three different color receptor cells in the back of your eye that perceive color and he says just how certain people have better vision, clarity and sensitivity to light is the same way how they will see color. 

"So we may be seeing the same color but we may perceive it a little different, and if  that color if it's altered by the light environment that it's in or background," said Dr. Steiner "Or the color of the flash of the photography or what color it's photographed in all go into different perceptions of color. "

Now for those who are color deficient looking at the picture, he says that even though they are able to see similiar light waves some might

distinguish certain shades differently in the photo.