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Fire prevention week: Laurel Fire Department hosts open house

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It is fire prevention week and the city of Laurel has been visiting schools and teaching every kid in each grade how to prevent fires and be safe. Since the Laurel Fire Department was visiting schools in Laurel about fire prevention, they decided to invited the kids to the fire department to learn more about firefighters and what they do.

It is fire prevention week for the city of Laurel.

"We do a open house on Wednesday night every year from 6 to 9 p.m.," Fire Deputy Chief J.W. Hopper said. "It lets them see all our gear, let's them see smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and we have the Bolex digital trainer."

Kids and parents were seen enjoying demonstrations and learning what firefighters do.

"One of the most interesting things tonight will be the extraction," Fire Prevention Officer Jennifer Winchell said. "They like to see us get the big tools out and cut on the cars because it's kind of crazy to think about how we use those huge tools and cut cars open."

But it wasn't just about kids and parents having fun.

''Our big message is that we want our community to be safe," EMS Assistant Deputy Chief Sherry Sauskojus said. "With us on the medical side, that's with medical emergencies, but also- because we're doing fire prevention this week- to tell the kids to go outside to their safe place when there's a fire in their house and then know that we, as their helpers, are going to meet them there and help take care of them."

Laurel Fire Department also educated kids about home escape plans, smoke detectors, and unannounced fire drills to keeps kids safe.

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