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Girls Scouts of Montana and Wyoming respond to Boy Scouts accepting girls

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In a monumental change, the Boys Scouts of America will start admitting girls next year. 

Marketing and Communications Manager Kristi Osterlund from the Girls Scout of Montana and Wyoming sees this new decision as unfortunate. 

She says they believe anytime girls are put in a mixed gender environment, such as the boy scouts are intending to do, it is a disservice to girls. 

Osterlund mentions that it takes away from the benefits of being in a single gender domain whether it's girls or boys. 

One of her concerns that she expresses is how applicable the Boy Scouts new program for girls will be and if it will offer the same or full experience compared to Girl Scouts.

As far as recruitment goes, she ensures that Girl Scouts are not immune to competition and they will continue to highlight what they have to offer.  
"Bottom line is girl scouts has been around for more than a century. We're a 105 years old," Osterlund said. Girls Scouts is the best leadership experience for girls in the world. We have the history, we have the expertise. We have the data backed programming that is designed specifically for the needs and the interests of girls."

Osterlund adds that some people have the misconception that Girl Scouts are sitting around building campfires and roasting marshmallows, but she says the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming are advancing in technology and science, placing emphasis in these areas, as well as teaching leadership and building character.