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Yoki's journey through breast cancer

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October is breast cancer awareness month.  One in eight women in the U.S.  Will develop invasive breast cancer during their life.  

Yoki Johnson, from Absarokee was diagnosed with breast cancer is June.  She's been taking chemotherapy and is just beginning her marathon fight against cancer.

Yoki's husband noticed she had a lump and urged her to see a doctor.  Today she says she wishes she did from the start.

"I never listened to my report, I never listened to my husband", Johnson said.  "If I can go back in time I would really push myself to go get a mammogram."  

"I just keep focused that I want to watch my daughter grow up and I want to be apart of her life."

Before she started treatment she got a mastectomy.  Her message to women is to not take chances or waist precious time.  If there's reason for concern, get checked by a doctor, and if needed get the mastectomy and start treatment immediately.

Yoki is in her fourth week of treatment out of 22, but she says recommends to others going through the same thing, just take it one week at a time.