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City college hosts open house event

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MSU Billings City College held an open house today.  The event went from 10 am to 1 pm.

This open house was an opportunity to tour the college, learn about various programs and see demonstrations from your field of study.

Whether it's welding, nursing or radiology, the open house is available to all individuals of all ages interested in pursing higher education or advancements in their career in business, transportation or computer programming.

Not only do student get hands on experience but it allows them to interact with professors and other students as well.

The event showcased some of the newest technology available to students like Noel,an obstetric birthing stimulator that also mimics breathing and talking.

Attendees got a chance to learn about the college's academic programs, application process and student resources.

Fire director and instructor Kelly McCoy said he has a variety of tools and equipment for students to use, like a type six brush truck and SCBA apparatus devices. 

"One of the things we're trying to do is have a program that reflects the community we serve," McCoy said, "So we value minority representation, female representation in the program because when fire departments go out and serve the community, they're serving everybody. So we want the fire program to look like everybody."

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