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Clinical psychologists gives advice for those affected by tragedy

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Following many tragic events in the last few weeks, those affected continue to mourn for their losses.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Kietzman said you don't have to be in a traumatic event to be affected by it and she is also speaking to people who have come home following the Vegas mass shooting and what steps they can take to help move forward. 

"I think people here, if they need to talk about it especially right after you need to talk about it. You have to find support from other people and not be alone." said Dr. Kietzman.

Whether it's acts of terror or natural disasters, traumatic events like these can significantly impact us physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Dr. Kietzman said that even though the incident itself already happened, media coverage and social media posts can make you feel like you

are reliving that event over and over.

She advises if you are feeling overwhelmed, it's okay to turn off your television and to focus on taking care of yourself.

"It's okay to distract yourself and be reinvested in your own life that is good or has good things in it." Dr. Kietzman adds, "Or in problems that you need to solve and go over. You know your life needs to go on and those things can't stop from being dealt with."

Dr. Kietzman says not to underestimate the power of listening to friends or family members during their time of need and to stay connected and supportive. She also says there are many things you can do remotely to help like donating blood, sending money or other types of aid. 

As for emergency first responders, medical staff, counselors and those working in the media, Dr. Kietzman emphasizes the importance of self care. She says surrounding yourself with different activities aside from your work and allowing yourself to grieve is important in the healing process. 

"You have to find hope in the negative situations and in the positive one," she adds, "Hope is what makes us move forward."