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Feel Good Friday: "Green" puppy becomes service dog

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A Boston boy with a progressive muscle disease has a new canine companion - a golden retriever who was actually born green.

Ten-year-old Liam McGourty has a devastating and progressive muscle disorder, called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His family thought a service dog would be a great idea, they just had no idea after almost a year of waiting, the pup would be green.

The puppy captured hearts around the world earlier this year, after pictures of him circulated the Internet. His fur was stained by bile before birth, causing a green-ish hue.

That green tint has since faded, but he's still the perfect match for Liam, whose favorite color is green. In fact, almost everything he wears is green, and his wheelchair is called the Green Monster.

Now, he's named his new best friend Fenway.

The dog breeder and trainer says as soon as the puppy was born, she knew exactly who would want him. There is no cure yet for Liam's disease, but he says Fenway loves him and helps him feel less lonely.