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UPDATE: Water restrictions lifted on Crow Agency

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UPDATE: Crow Agency has received water sample results. The water tested negative for contamination. Crow Agency has lifted water restrictions as a result. 

The water shut down in Crow Agency remained in effect Thursday night. Residents were told not to drink or touch the water after the water treatment plant was vandalized.

KULR 8's Briana Monte was allowed to walk into the plant Thursday and saw how badly the plant was vandalized. Workers were inside trying to fix electrical issues and pipes and the damage was not in just one place it was everywhere.

The environmental protection agency was seen at the water treatment facility today for testing. Crow Tribal Water Authority Director, Dayle Felicia, said they put water regulations for the whole town in case the water is contaminated. She said test results from Helena will determine whether the water is safe.

"We know that it's temporary," Felicia said. "It's important to comply with the rules, do what you're told for your own safety and your well-being, for your skin, children, elderly, diabetics, all of it. As long as people are doing what they're told. We're going to get through this just fine."

In the meantime, a lot of businesses are closed today including the school district. Water is being transported and distributed throughout the community with the help of Disaster and Emergency Services. DES Director Laura Rides Horse said they have been working diligently to get water to everyone.

"For the most part, they appreciate it because I was out there myself giving water out last night," Rides Horse said. "A lot of people told us to thank you and they wanted to know when they could bathe again and wash their hands, but unfortunately, at this point, we can't tell them when."

Felicia said residents have been very understanding and have complied with the water restrictions. Rides Horse said businesses nearby have been donating water or even allowing people to take showers in their vicinities.

"Hardin has welcomed the Crow Agency community members to come and take showers at the community fitness center for free," Felicia said. "Normally, they charge two dollars."

Rides Horse mentioned that there are two water treatment plants. The tribal plant and the BIA plant. She said the tribal plant was the one that got vandalized, so if the water is indeed contaminated, the town will still be okay because of the BIA plant.

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