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Billings man brings aid to Puerto Rico

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Despite endeavors of many pet owners and animal groups, many animals are left displaced in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

As dozens of people and pets remain stranded, several animals groups like the Humane Society have sent rescue teams to help.

Dave Pauli, the Senior Director of The Humane Society's Wildlife Innovations traveled to Puerto Rico to help evacuate animals and people.

Upon arrival in Puerto Rico Dave Pauli said his team pitched in to assess what The Humane Society needed within the shelters.

Hauling in generators, gas, human and pet food and water, they set up clinics to vaccinate dogs and cats and injured animals.

Pauli said due to the destruction, some of the challenges he faced were obtaining supplies, fuel for vehicles and lack of portable water.

He said the next step is to transport 150 animals from the island of Vieques to a Humane Society in New Jersey to be able to give the local humane societies more capacity.

Although he knows it will take time for the people of Puerto Rico to rebuild and recover, he said helping out in any way he can makes a big impact. 

"I've responded to over forty hurricanes. I was in Sri Lanka for the tsunami. I was in Haiti for the Earthquake. You can make a difference." Pauli said.

"You can make a difference for the people that you touch. The people that we brought supplies to on day four that had been living, not knowing when they were going to get their next meal. And it's a simple bag of rice and beans, that makes a difference." he adds.

Dave Pauli will be returning to Puerto Rico and says he and his team will stay for as long as they can to help the people and the animals. 

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