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Second racial slur written on college dorm door

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It's been less than a week since the racial slur incident occurred at Sheridan College in Wyoming.

On Monday night Lynelle Shakespeare took to Facebook again after learning her daughter's roommate was being targeted.

However, Braylee Armajo and Whisper SunRhodes said they aren't going to let this second incident bring them down.

Braylee Armajo said this incident awakened the community and adds this doesn't affect just Native Americans but every minority attending Sheridan College.

To shed some positive light through this negative situation, she created a Native American club at school and is coordinating an event tomorrow at Sheridan College on Thursday, October 5th from 5 pm to 8 pm. She said there will be guest speakers, dancers, and Native American food. 

"Me and Whisper are proving a point to them. We're like everybody else, we do belong here and that we are safe." Armajo said. "By having this we couldn't done this without the Native American club we just joined. For  me to get closure on this ordeal because it was affected towards me too. I just want to talk to them and talk to the person. It might sound crazy, but I want to ask them why and I just want to see their point of view."

Dr. Paul Young, the President of Sheridan posted an official statement on the Sheridan College Facebook page regarding this incident. He said the school took several actions to address this problem which includes faculty and staff working directly with students to ensure their safety. They also held a support event on September 28th with over one hundred people in attendance, as well as providing resources to in classrooms to address race hate issues. 

The Sheridan College Police Department is currently conducting an ongoing investigation to determine the person responsible for this action.