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Crow Agency warns residents to not drink town's water

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Bureau of Indian Affairs is warning residents in the town of Crow Agency to not drink their water.

According to the Crow Reservation, one of the two water plants on the reservation was vandalized. 

In their press release, BIA issued these warnings: 

  • Do not drink this water or have skin contact with this water until further notice. Alternative water should be used for drinking (including pets), preparing infant formula and other beverages, making ice, brushing teeth, shaving, preparing food, bathing/showering, washing hands, doing laundry, or cleaning. 
  • Bottled water should be used until further. 
  • DO NOT boil the water.
  • The water can be used for flushing toilets.

BIA says they are working diligently to correct the problem. They have experts at the plant today to determine the extent of the damage and repairs needed.

For more information, you're asked to call the BIA Facilities Management Office at (406) 638-2390 or the Crow Tribal Treatment Plant at (406) 638-2387.

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