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Billings mother reacts after son helped save lives in Las Vegas attack

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"Yeah the guy standing next to him you know, he died. That could've been my son."

For Patty Grace Lacy, she was unaware of what happened to her son Mark Lacy in Las Vegas until her daughter-in-law Misty contacted her to let them know they were okay.

Mark Lacy, a 20-year veteran of the Air Force attended the Route 91 festival with his wife and their friend. 

In the pandemonium of the Las Vegas shooting, he told his wife and friend to run for shelter while he courageously ran back to help others. 

"You don't have time to be scared because of your training. You take care of people. You risk your life to help and save others. That's what we're trained to do," Lacey said, "I started telling people where to go and I didn't see it. But the people to my right...a wife, husband and friends were still laying on the ground and he was hit in the head and later died from his injuries."

After hearing about her son's heroic actions, Patty says she couldn't be more proud.   

"I'm so proud, but this is Mark. This is what Mark would do." Patty adds, "He's that kind of a guy. He'd help anybody. And I am just so thankful. So, so thankful that the Lord was with him."

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