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Super 8 Plays of the Week 10/2

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Number 8: Skyview Falcons football team got their first with since 2015 over Hellgate.

Number 7: Montana's Justin Strong finished with three interceptions, including a pick-6 against Portland State.

Number 6: A pair of nice catches from Belgrade at Billings Central, first it's Panthers' Travis Bagby making a one handed catch, followed by Rams' Chrishon Dixon goes over top the defender for the touchdown.

Number 5: Montana's Keenan Curran makes the catch behind the defender, breaks the tackle, and takes off for the touchdown in the Grizzlies' win over Portland State.

Number 4: Solid scoring on the pitch this weekend. Senior's Caleb Borgstrom makes a nice sweeping goal versus Skyview, MSU-Billings' JD Hauenstein goes way up top for a header versus Saint Martins, and MSUB's Aiden Raj takes the free kick into a header for the score.

Number 3: West's Joey Moore wins his second straight Class AA golf championship, breaking his own record with a AA record 133 score.

Number 2: Billings Central's Chrishon Dixon picks off Belgrade's quarterback at the two yard line, and takes it 98 yards back for the touchdown.

Number 1: Billings Central's Ben Voss ran for 329 rushing yards, including touchdown runs of 97, 85, 65, and 30 yards against Belgrade.