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Shriners help families who can't afford to pay for medical treatment

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Shriners in Billings held a dinner event at the Al Bedoo Shrine Temple Thursday night. The event precedes next week's free children screening clinic at Riverstone Health.

The Shrine hospital treats children with severe and life threatening illnesses at no cost to the families. KULR 8's Briana Monte spoke with captain of the guard Mike Kirschenmann who said everything the Shriners do is for the children. The dinner event was open to the public and families were welcome to come and share their stories about what their experience has been like. Kirschenmann said all 22 Shriners children's hospitals is his passion and his mission. He said it has been for a very long time.

Shriners try to help children whose families can't afford to pay for medical treatment and care because some of the conditions require millions of dollars in treatments.

"There is no better feeling than that," Kirschenmann said. "To see the family. When they walk into the hospital, when they walk out from our screening clinics, to the end result. It's not a better feeling in the world. It can't be."

The Shriners are looking find children in need of their help. If you know of a child who could benefit from Shriner's hospital for children you are invited to call for information or to make an appointment at (406)259-4384.

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