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High school donates homecoming budget to fire relief

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Laurel High School just donated all the money from their homecoming budget for fire relief in Montana. They also helped raised money and then donated all the proceeds to Montana Stock Growers Association. KULR 8 spoke with two students who helped make this all possible.

Laurel High School's class 0f 2018 decided they wanted to do something different this year. Well, they accomplished that. KULR 8's Briana Monte spoke with the student body president Austin Amestoy who said their homecoming was right in the middle of fire season and they collaboratively decided to use the funds that would normally go to making a float.

Amestoy said they put those funds towards a fire relief fund and from there, they used the time they spent making the float to collecting more donations for the fund. Student body president Danae Filpula-Ankney said the school was fully supportive of the decision.

"I know that if it would've been happening more close to us in our area like in Billings, I'm sure people would have come together for us so just trying to do our part and help out our state," Ankney said.

"A lot of people were really looking for a way that we could sort of give back as a class and it was a really intriguing way to do that because there's a lot of participation," Amestoy said. "It's usually during the homecoming week where we thought we could really benefit from that and Montana can benefit from that as a whole."

Laurel High School managed to donate over eleven hundred dollars for the relief fund.

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