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Senator Ankney says settlement agreement for Colstrip is not enough

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Puget Sound Energy made a settlement agreement to pay a minimum amount of ten million dollars for a community transition fund to help Colstrip and Rosebud County communities.

Senator Duane Ankney said the minimum amount that PSE has to pay is not enough for the workers of Colstrip who will be out of a job. He said he tried to pass a bill in 2015 and another in 2017 that would've taken care of he people of Colstrip, but despite the efforts, those two bills failed. He said there are other avenues that people can seek some kind of settlement on their own or with group effort.

"When 2022 rolls around, there shouldn't be any lay offs at the plant," Senator Ankney said. "However, at the mine, there'll still be reclamation work. There'll be a lot of that work to be done, but those miners are - there's going to be some lay offs. How many? I have no idea. That's unfortunate."

Colstrip's two older units are required to close by 2022. PSE spokesperson Grant Ringel said the settlement does not set a closure date for units 3 & 4.

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