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Crow tribe gathers outside of BIA for silent protest

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The crow tribe gathered outside the Bureau of Indian Affairs office earlier today to hold a silent protest and even though they protested in silence, they hoped their stance sent out a clear message. 

With their heads and signs held high, many families stood together in unity for the loved ones they lost and peace. 

The crow tribe has been fighting to make their voices heard for the injustice and neglect they say they've faced.

Just a week apart from their last protest Bethyana Pease says there is no change.

"Right here is Justice for Denise, Frank and Rocko. These three were killed on august four in lodge grass, at a shoot out or whatever happened. There's all types of speculation of what happened. but the cops, tribal court and the FBI, whoever is investigating hasn't even reach out to the family." Pease said.

Nita Bigman says her brother Timothy Bigman was killed on the reservation on June 15. She says she stands with a heavy heart as she waits for answers.

Bigman said, "The night of the incident it took them 2 hours to get to my brother and I just want to find out why it was that night and why the case is taking so long."

BethYana Pease adds, "The justice system has failed us. Why? What can you do to help us? There are people in Indian country, non Indians that are suffering from no justice. People are scared.There are elders living in fear. Our children our growing up. What can you do to help us?"

BethYana says that even if BIA doesn't release a statement today on their stance, she says most of the families just want acknowledgment.