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Elder Grove school district to discuss possible solutions to big growth

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Elder Grove School District #8 can relate to the famous line whispered to Kevin Costner's character in a corn field in the movie Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come."

The district is growing at a faster rate than expected, forcing them to adjust to the growing number of students. They've been adding extensions to Elder Grove School surrounded by corn fields, and people have been coming.

Principal Nathan Schmitz says for the time being the entire staff is having to be flexible and creative to meet the needs.

"We had a staff meeting yesterday, and I brought that up again, now that we've had ten days of school and asked them who's feeling the angst and the growing pains of the additional students that we have here at Elder Grove and every single hand shot in the air," Schmitz said.

Superintendent Justin Klebe says they had 400 students in 2013. They currently have 620 students, a growth of 51 percent in four years.

Thursday night the district will hold a community forum to tell parents their researched thoughts on the solution, and hear what tax payers would support. Short-term options include sending 7th and 8th graders into one school or buying modular buildings. 

Their long-term goal is to pass a bond to build onto the school to accommodate one-thousand elementary students.