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Sending hay from Illinois

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With the threat of hurricane Irma much of the nation's attention has been on the state of Florida.

But this morning many are working to raise more awareness to wildfires across our state.

One woman is trying to send Montana ranchers affected by fires help from Illinois and Missouri.

It all started while browsing through social media.  Jeannette Webb from Jonesbro, Illinois saw a Montana friend's Facebook post about the great fire relief need.

Now she is collecting donations and sending hay to farmers in Texas affected by hurricane Harvey.

She says it's important for states to help each other and not forget about all the damage happening in Montana.

"One of the things that just absolutely breaks my heart is hearing how these cattle literally, are going to rivers that you have in Montana and standing their just to try to survive and they're running out of the fires, trying to make it," Jeannette Webb, Montana Relief Volunteer, Jonesbro, Illinois.

She says the rancher's families have been working for generations, this is their livelihood and their form of income and revenue. 

Webb says many don't realize how these devastating wildfires can affect the price of your groceries and food prices across the country.

If you are interested in donating hay to Montana farmers or know someone who is you can send a message to the wake up Montana Facebook page.