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Wildfire Impact on Wildlife

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Archery season is in full swing, but with wildfires continuing to burn for a couple more weeks, how will it impact this year's hunting season?

With three more weeks of fire season, Bob Gibson, communication and education manager from Fish, Wildlife and Parks said that while the smoke won't affect hunting season too much, the dryness, heat, wind and fire danger will have some impact.

He reassures that despite the air quality, the wildlife will be healthy to hunt.

He said with minimal food sources for the animals caused by the wildfires, the animals are concentrated in specific areas of barren land making it easier to hunt them.

For all of you gearing up for the hunting season, Bob Gibson wants hunters take extra precaution and to be aware of any fire restrictions that may affect hunting. 

"We're asking hunters to be particularly vigilant for wildfires this season. So driving in tall grass with hot mufflers; anything to do with fire danger we're asking hunters to be particularly vigilant this year because the fire danger is so high." Gibson said.